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Jailbreak Your iPad – Updated 2013

The best is even better.

I guarantee you will love this jailbreaking software for the iPad.  This website offers a simple, safe and guaranteed jailbreak.  Not only does it work on your iPad, but also on all versions of iPhone and iTouch including I.O.S. 6.1 and now 6.12!

This software is 100% safe, easy to use and the best part is you can finally, fully jailbreak your iPad 2, iPad 3 or the newer 4th Generation iPad Retina  in just a few minutes. Works on all iPad′s (including  iPad Mini), all versions and all firmwares even the latest iOS6.1 and 6.12.  No matter where or when you bought your iPad, you are guaranteed to be able to Jailbreak it successfully using this software. Over 50,000  people just like you have already used this jailbreak software and are currently enjoying all the advantages of having a jailbroken iPad, including hundreds of thousands of awesome free apps and games you can’t get from the apple store.

Visit this website and check it out for  yourself.

Looking to unleash the FULL potential of your Apple TV (2nd Gen Only)??   A whole new world of entertainment made easy.  Lifetime Membership available only $19.95

Once you purchase your Membership - here is what you will see in the Member's Area.  Click on each of the photos to enlarge, so you can easily see all the Jailbreak options you have access to.  Complete instructions (including video) are provided so that even an old guy like me can easily complete the process.  YES - You can do this too!!






Click on the photo to enlarge






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Keep It Simple

Your new iPad opens the door to one of the best possible ways to watch movies - both at home and while you travel.  Everyone already knows that iTunes is the absolute BEST way to add content to your iPad, iPod and iPhone.  The cost of purchasing movies adds up quickly though.  Personally, I try to keep my iTunes purchases restricted to the most recent movies and only those I really want to see.  I have never been a fan of renting (streaming) a movie but only because it is a one-time deal.  Having said that - I am a fan of Netfix and have a subscription to fill in TV time - especially the TV series like "The Unit", "Bones", "Lost", "Dead Zone", "Lie to Me" and so on.  Great value for the price!  When it comes right down to it though, my preference is to build my library for watching over again or when company is looking for some entertainment on a rainy day.  This makes the purchase of a movie the best way to go - at least for my money.

If you feel the same way, then I am happy to share with you the choices I have made for having hundreds of movies available on my iPad, iPhone and also my Apple TV.  None of my choices are free.  They are all a "one-time" paid subscription with unlimited downloads.  Sure you pay for access to the site, but for less than the cost of a download or three from iTunes, you can literally find hundreds of movies that suit your taste and should be included in your personal movie library - all for an extremely reasonable cost.  Have a look, you won't be disappointed.

Visit the official site for Download Ipad Movies here.

Visit the official site for Imovies Club here.

Visit the official site for Movies Capital here.

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Easy to Use

Here is another that is simply the best and easiest to use.  Lots of classics and a ton of 2010 and 2011 releases!

You can choose from a one month trial, a three month package OR the Very Best Value - Lifetime for only a few dollars more.  Fast servers gets your movie downloads right away so you can begin watching.

Online movies give you the power and freedom to watch the movies you want to see when you want to see them in the privacy of your own home, or wherever you want to be. Technological advances have made it possible to watch movies right from your cell phone for viewing anywhere on the go. Just remember to stick to the legal movie download sites to avoid major consequences.

Hundreds of titles to choose from.  GET STARTED TODAY!

Click Here!


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The latest and greatest!

So now you have a nice library of older titles.  What about the newer releases?  Where do we get these?  I have continued my search and have my best site recommendation for you!

You will find almost ANY title you are looking for here - and all for one low price with unlimited downloads available.  With a bit of file type conversion (everything you need comes with the subscription) you will have all the latest titles in your library.  Click Here for all the information and sign up today!


Keep it Legal

First, you need to know where to find the iPad movies online that you want to watch.  When you begin your search, you will be bombarded with "free" movie download sites.  It really is free to download movies from these sites, but chances are, you will also get spyware, adware, viruses, etc. installed on your computer.

Now, that may not bother you. You may share the opinion that many people have that as long as it is free and your virus protection software is running, you do not mind the occasional ad or spy on your computer.  It should bother you, however, that the practice of downloading and sharing copyrighted files over the Internet is illegal and you could face a hefty fine, or even jail time.

When you are looking for movies to watch and download online, make certain you confine your search to  legal - movie download sites. These sites generally  request you to pay a one-time fee to download unlimited movies, a per-download fee or a monthly subscription.   You don't  have to worry about paying fines or going to jail, because the sites have gone to the trouble to make their downloads available to you legally. Although the title selection found on legal sites may not be as extensive as on the free P2P sites, generally the quality is much superior and all film content is fully licensed and legal to download.

Once you have found a legal movie download site that you can trust, you are ready to begin.


iPad Movies online and more!

Download iPad Movies Online , stream, share, burn and watch

There was a time, seems not so long ago,  if you wanted to see a movie you had to go to the movie theater.

If you couldn't  afford or didn't have time to go to the theater, you had to wait until the movie you wanted to see eventually was shown, complete with commercials,  on local television.  Finally, the opportunity came to rent or purchase VHS cassettes and later DVDs or Blu-ray from your local video rental store.   Having said that, you still had to sometimes wait months after the movie was released at the theater before you buy your own copy or rent it so you could watch it at home.

Over recent years, technology has been improving in leaps and bounds.   These days (if you can figure out how), you can do it online.   The Internet has really changed the way people all around the world watch movies.   Currently, you are no longer limited to the movies that are released in your region, or even in your own language for that matter.   In addition, you are no longer restricted to either a crowded movie theater or your home television set to watch your favorite movies.    It is now possible to watch movies anywhere on many types of devices.